When is a Dishwasher not just a Dishwasher?

Aside from the perfectly cooked food, what goes into a great meal presentation? Clean dishes! You could have the best food, but if you serve your customers on dirty dishes, it’ll be on yelp faster than you can get a new clean plate out to them.

How do you keep those dishes clean and appetizing? You could opt for one of your employees to slave and scrub over each dish and hope for consistent results, or invest in a commercial dish unit that will provide that consistency of cleanliness.

There are so many choices out there. You not only want one that works, but one that will stand the test of time. How do you choose? Let me introduce you to STERO. They’re known for their high quality machines that are “”Built to Work. Made to Last.”


Many of these machines have been active in the field in high use applications such as hotels, hospitals, and busy restaurants upwards of over 20 years!  They have a variety of units to fit your establishment’s needs from compact door-type machines, high capacity flight machines, to customizable modular conveyor units that can “provide solutions for unique and challenging dishroom layouts.” Also, with local, authorized service agents, you will find excellent support after the sale of the unit.

Please visit our website at www.Stero.com and see what Stero has to offer.


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